Can I have it all? Trials and triumphs in a woman’s journey through the corporate landscape – by Anuranjita Kumar

A must read for all professional, especially working married women.


I started reading this book in the depth of despair of my own corporate journey. Its been 8 years I am into corporate world and this book really sums up all the relevant emotions and state of difficulty , I have faced so far with a practical approach of solution that I was able to connect with.

The writer manages to strike a fine balance between inspirational and preachy which attempts to clarify many of the myths for women at workplace, especially married women. Mrs. Anuranjita has done a brilliant job by enlightening the importance of 3M’s in a woman’s life – Marriage, Mobility and Maternity. Looking through the lens of her experience provides valuable insight into how grit, courage resilience can help a person reach greater height of his/her career. The book emphasis on the clarity of purpose, conviction, choice, courage, confidence, connect, collaboration, competition and crossing over.

Few of my favorite lines from book are as follows:-

  • My fears, my joys, my dreams, my hopes and my longings are what really make me who I am.
  • The beauty is that you are always free to choose your purpose, a better future, anytime.
  • There are no SUPERWOMEN, so don’t strive to be one! Take a step at a time.
  • Let your capability make not just a few live shine but many more. Grab every opportunity to make that difference. And once you have decided to make it big, march on.
  • You need to speak up even if the room is full of baritones.

My key takeaways have been:-

  • Leverage your strength and stop beating around yourself down on to work you can’t get right.
  • In my quest of doing various roles in a male-dominated environment, I have had to be more assertive at times and be less shy of speaking up.
  • Learn to negotiate better for yourself.
  • It is important that women understand and manage their finances jointly with their partners.
  • Join communities of support with men and women being an integral part of it.
  • Renew skill sets and self-awareness.
  • Enjoy yourself. Fun is core to our existence.

The book gives a lesson about keep going and have it all. Anuranjita’s book beautifully illustrates how women have straddled these different worlds, dream big and yet aspire to have all that their heart desire. Her insightful narrative will compel every reader to come forth with conviction and work fearlessly as they create their own formula for fulfilling life.

May be we can have it all for some time and some of it all the time. All is that which provide happiness to us and it can be only defined by us.

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Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat pray love

Eat Pray Love is the monologue of a Phobic American woman (“Liz”) in her mid-thirties. The first few chapters background the rest of the book, a confessional that tells how she came to find her 8 year marriage distasteful and how painful her divorce was, however she dismisses how it ever came to be that way. Leaving her audience only to guess it was so horrible she had to leave and find herself.

It took me nearly a year to finish it & I am sorely disappointed. The book drags a lot specifically in middle. I was so disgusted by the writer’s lack of awareness of her own privilege, her corny observations, and the unbelievably shallow way in which she represents a journey started due to grief.

Liz is so obsessed with male attention throughout the book (in every section, she expounds in great detail on her flirtations with men, many of whom seem to “take care of her” or compliment her on her wit, beauty, or charm), that it makes her self-described quest to learn to be alone seem absurd and ridiculous. She does not have a feminist bone in her body; shocking for a woman who is allegedly on a quest for self-discovery after what she describes as a “devastating divorce.”

She seems to have absolutely no capacity for self-awareness or reflection in this regard, and her superficial treatment of this and other aspects of her psyche bored me to tears. Basically, this memoir accounts her flirting her way across the globe into a new relationship, with little to no growth in self-awareness that I can perceive. Even in India, her purported time of inward reflection, she attaches her herself to the likes of Richard from Texas, who seems a cross between a father figure and object of flirtation. Ultimately, she falls in love with a man much older than she, who seems to dote on her in quite a paternalistic way.
Additionally, her brand of spirituality certainly does not come close to transcending the fashionable Western obsession with all things Eastern, particularly Buddhism and the ashram culture. That a Westerner could go to India on her spiritual quest and have absolutely no awareness of 1) her gross appropriation of another culture’s religion, and 2) the abject poverty that surrounds her, is inexcusable. She oozes privilege at every turn, and that privilege remains unacknowledged and unexamined. Her good fortune seems limitless, how is it possible for one person to be this lucky.

I was willing to look past my initial reaction that the end of a relationship is not, in the grand scheme of things, “that bad;” everyone’s suffering certainly has its own validity. However, I was unable to muster much empathy for Elizabeth Gilbert despite my attempts to overcome my disgust at her shallow preoccupation.

Ultimately, this woman had nothing to teach me (other than that I should trust my own instincts to abandon a book when I have such a strong reaction of dislike from page one). I am sorry I spent the time and energy trying to finish it

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My Sister’s Keeper by JODI PICOULT: Beautiful, tragic and thought provoking.

My first book written by Jodi Picoult and I had mixed feelings about it. If Jodi Picoult’s intent was to shudder readers and make them cringe, she has succeeded beyond belief. My Sister’s Keeper is one of the most heart wrenching stories I’ve ever read

“It’s about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone. A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out.”

When Sara Fitzgerald discovers that her daughter Kate suffers from leukemia, she decides that she will fight for her child’s life at all cost. As the mother of an extremely ill child, she was desperate to find a way to keep her alive. The premise was to conceive a sibling that could be perfect matched “body parts donor” for her older sister. She was conceived as a genetic match to help save her sister’s life. It was supposed to be a one-time deal, but over the course of her 13 years, Anna has donated multiple times. Her sister needs a kidney and Anna has decided she’s had enough of being told how to use her body. She decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation and refuses to give up her kidney. She knows the possible consequences of her actions, but she wants to be the one to make the choice, not her parents. What follows is a harrowing tale told in the view of six people affected by Anna’s decision.
The hardest thing I faced while reading this book is that I don’t have anyone to blame. If only I could blame anyone everything would be so much easier. I could take a side then, I could tell that the other party is wrong. But who to blame when everyone is right?
Can we blame Anna? Because she doesn’t want to give her sister an organ. Can we blame Sara or Brian because they want one of their child to live? Because they want one of their daughters to donate an organ otherwise their other daughter is going to die? How about Jesse. Who doesn’t want some extra attention? But Jesse was not asking extra attention. He just wanted his share of attention.


“Finally, this book took me in an emotional ride. It figuratively made me cry. It made me appreciate my life.”

I found this book to be so engrossing that I read it in two sittings. I would have finished in one if I hadn’t had to go to work.
Jodi Picoult handled issues sensitively and wrote a thoughtful, moving story that keeps you interested from start to finish.
P.S. I got too emotional while reading this book and got carried away while writing review. That’s why it’s such a long review (which is not actually a review but my thoughts)

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Pahalwan’s: Need for a New Marketing Strategy

Pahalwan is a premiere name in the manufacturing, trading and retailing of Indian sweets and namkeen Industry. Pahalwan’s is the pride of Jammu and Kashmir.
Under the pressure of new competitors in the markets and moving likings of the fresher generations, Pahalwans, one of the leading sweet sellers in Jammu, needs to maintain their Position and market share in the sweet and namkeen industry. With stagnant sales, Pahalwans faces an unclear corporate strategy to guide the company to the meet the new challenges and to deal with rising competition.
Established in 1934 in Jammu, Pahalwans was one of the first to enter the sweet and namkeen field. Founded by Mr. Anantram Abrol, with consistent high quality, Pahalwans earned good consumer reputation and was awarded in 1952 by the Prime Minister of the state Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah by the Indian government. Having distinct management roles while making decisions together, the humble character and entrepreneurship of the leaders would be beneficial to make Pahalwans into a modernized establishment given the rapid development of the market. With huge Accentuate on innovations of Products and supreme quality offerings as well as various distribution channels, Pahalwans have a competitive edge of captivating the customers’ heart. However Pahalwans has the tradition of not believing or relying too much on marketing and advertising. Though, for customers, word of mouth is trustworthy and a direct incentive to try Pahalwans products, the audience is still limited compared with advertising. Also, local, national and international food retailers had entered the market, increasing the competition. Thus they may lose some potential buyers to their competitors who are very aggressive with Marketing which attracts consumer.

1. Introduction of New Products:
Pahalwan’s could have included the food item which were popular among Youth and Kids to capture the Family Customers like pizza, sandwich, salad, pasta etc. They could have add sugar free Sweets to retain the older generation & Health conscious customers. Also they could have included Fresh juice, hot chocolate and Milk shakes. An addition of Non Veg product gave them additional benefit compare to other competition like Haldiram or Nathus
(a) A complete Family Restaurant catering all generations
(b) Youth and Kids will be attracted
(c) Increase sales, profit & market Share
(d) Keep up with the Competition
(a) Reduce sales of old/ Core products
(b) Poor Marketing
2. New Seating area with more capacity
Company could focus on seating area improvement to attract urban customers. By seeing some images of Outlet on Internet it was visible that there are issues of Hygiene, Parking Space & dining area. Pahalwan’s could have expanded their shop by converting some area in proper dining place and separating it from crowd of take away consumers.
(a) Improved ambience & aesthetics
(b) Enhanced Customer experience with Pahalwan’s
(a) Budget Investment

3. Attractive offer with discounts :
Pahalwans’s were already offering various discounts during Diwali Season but they could have utilized this discount during other seasons like Independence day or Republic day also to attract more customers and to have an edge over competition in market. They can initiate special discount on birthdays or anniversary.
(a) Encourage the buyer to purchase more
(b) Attract non-regular customers
(c) Increase in customer traffic will increase the sales
(d) If only certain items are on sale, this will also encourage buyers to purchase other items which are not on sale
(e) Discounting items in a shop will also leave more space for other items, such as, new stock.
(a) Although there will be sales, the profit margin in the store will decline as the goods are sold at reduced prices
(b) Individual discounts to customers may encourage them to ask for discounts all the time, even if the company mentions the earlier discount is a one off discount
(c) If the marketer does not give the customer the discount he/she may be discouraged and look at other outlets to conduct business.
(d) In addition, a shop that offers discounts always provides the reputation that the business is not doing so well. Many customers may be put off by this reputation and stop visiting the store.
4. New Geographic market
Pahalwan’s could have done open their outlets in other states like Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana etc. This will increase their footprint in market and made them a national product.
(a) It is a way to broaden your horizons.
(b) The visibility of the business brand will increase.
(c) Sales will typically increase when more customers are exposed to a business
(d) There is actually less overall competition
(e) The business becomes less vulnerable to changing trends
(a) Language can become a barrier.
(b) There is no possible way to ignore local competition.
(c) You can’t do business somewhere when you don’t know the market
(d) Products to be redefines to suit local demographic

5. Diversification
Pahalwan’s could have diversification in their current Business practice. They could give franchise in other cities or do backward integration by acquiring dairy farms or commence catering system in family or corporate functions.

(a) An edge over competitors like Haldiram or Nathus
(b) Bigger name the market
(a) Too much diversification can lead to confusion in management

6. Extensive use of advertisement & Social Media
To penetrate Market aggressively and to have an edge over competition Pahalwan’s could have used non-conventional marketing tools like social media etc. Also Since online orders are growing Pahalwan’s could launch a Mobile app for online order and Payment system.
(a) A lot cheaper than other marketing tactics
(b) Reach to bigger & larger audience
(c) Builds authentic relationship
(d) Induces Brand Loyalty
(e) Higher conversion rate
(f) Provides marketplace insight
(a) Time Intensive
(b) Social media accounts are Prone to security breaches
(c) Brand Image can be damaged Irrevocably
(d) ROI is hard to measure

There are different types of brand elements such as brand name, logos & symbols, Slogans & Jingles, Character, and Packaging & Signage out of which, M/S Pahalwan’s used only three (Brand names, Logo, Slogans), We have evaluated these three brand elements against criteria of Brand building and defensive.
Criterion Brand Elements

Brand names Logos & Symbol Slogans & Jingles
Brand Building Memorability Brand name “Pahalwan ” is enhancing brand and as well as recognition The logo doesn’t relates to sweets This slogan makes the customers to feel difference on their products
Meaningfulness Pahalwan means Wrestler
So it is inappropriate to sell Sweets
But it can take other way to improve strength by eating sweets from our shop By designing appropriate Logo, the meaningfulness can be increased Can convey almost any type of association explicitly
Likability Style of writing ” Pahalwan” denotes a kind of sweet The current logo doesn’t give any impact Can evoke much verbal imagery
Defensive Transferability Can be somewhat limited Not good impact Have a good impact
Adaptability Difficult Can typically be redesigned makes the customer to adapt on the products
Protect ability Generally good, but with limits Excellent Having impact on

To position the Pahalwan’s brand in the youth generation, the following essentials elements are considered.
1. Target Customer : Young generation (10 – 35 years) in the state.
2. Market Definition : Healthier & tasty sweets & snacks
3. Brand Promise : Trust for taste
Tag Line: ‘Pahalwan khaya , Khushiya Laya’ (Translation:- Eat Pahalwan, bring happiness)
Customer will get attract with catchy tag line and recognize the brand with this
If an advertisement for a product attracts the consumer, they tend to purchase it frequently, or at least buy it once. If a company has to survive in this competitive world, they have to project the image of their products in such a way that they pick up the maximum sales, when they hit stores.
The best way to persuade the consumer to stick to the product of the particular brand, when numerous choices are provided to them in the market – is through attractive advertisements.
Pahalwan’s had developed terrific products and put together a supremely talented management team, but ultimately success hinges on persuading significant numbers of customers to select that Pahalwan’s products or services rather than buying from someone else. Growing a business comes down to the ability to sell. Innovative strategies, a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and aggressive communication of the company’s message combine to bring about sales success.
Social media can be main focus of their adverting strategy. The perks of using social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat as marketing vehicle is the ability to share the content instantaneously to a large audience.
Television is the great way to engrain the brand’s ideas and concepts into minds of consumers through repetition. Streaming services such are growing increasingly and quite popular among Indians. Furthermore, broadcast television will give Pahalwan’s a chance to reach its secondary audiences- those in other generations.
Services like FM, Radio, Pandora and other are very popular among Indians. These services offer free music streaming by requiring users to listen to short advertisements between tracks.
Indians are surprisingly up-to-date with world news. Sites such as BBC, NDTV, Times Now, and Yahoo! News are popular among locals.
Pahalwan can focus on other mediums such as vino and YouTube for more informal advertisements. These services are extremely popular due to their entertainment value and viral feature. Those services are very cheap and simple to produce for and of us Pahalwan’s publicity and engagement at modest value. By creating original content and dubbing classic content of Pahalwan’s has been potential to use humor and trigger previous mental maps in the minds of consumers.
Vine is a video app that loops seven second clips over and over again until you scroll the next clip. The primary content is humor related and when a wine goes viral, many people seen next to them and share with friends.
You tube are very popular video website that billions of people use to research for various kinds of videos daily. Using this medium will help Pahalwan’s reaches its target demography.

The radio campaign will play during intermissions on online radio services such as Pandora and Spotify and other the similar application. The radio has focus on ordering from the Pahalwan’s app. The first part of the this spot will include voice card to order delivery from Pahalwan’s, where the employees get consistently wrong and the customer hangs up. Then, mobile app is promoted under the promise of being simple to use and the error free.
A video campaign should be developed that incorporates Pahalwan’s into movie clips that are popular among Indians. These video spots will be used as both commercials and video media ads promote the Pahalwan’s app.
This clip installs a sense of nostalgia and brings forth elements of humor to appeal in the Consumers. Incorporating the slogan in to the famous scenes is a fun and engaging approach to tell about the tag line.
For aggressive Promotional activities Pahalwan’s can have representatives and promoter’s visiting college campus events to pass out miniature boxes. Each box will have small squares of sweets from the Pahalwan’s. Furthermore, each box can contain an event specific code which the customer can enter in the mobile app which will give them a discount on their next on line order. The 3 D piece is also a fun and memorable piece of direct marketing for talk about and so to friends. This type of marketing will give customers hands on experience with the product and also provide incentive to start meeting online orders.
Currently snap chat is one of the popular social media platforms among people but has been known to be somewhat of advertising enigma until now.
The campaign will give consumers a change to engage with our brand to snap chat by recording ten second answers to the question.” What would you do with your dough? Terminals will be set up throughout through the nation with high millions of population. A Snap chat is then added to story that can be viewed to any person with snap Chat.

Different varieties of posters are needs to be designed to appeal to the masses. The punch line for Pahalwan’s products should be, ‘always in good taste.’ Advertisements should be depicting the entire range of Pahalwan’s sweets and namkeen and that should be published in the print media (magazines and newspapers). These advertisements had captions such as ‘millions of tongues can’t go wrong,’ ‘What are you waiting for, Diwali?’ and ‘Keeping your taste buds on their toes.’
To increase the visibility of the Pahalwan’s brand, the company should be placed its hoardings in high traffic areas such as train stations and bus stations. Posters should be designed for display on public transport vehicles such as buses, and hoardings, focused on individual products were developed. Captions such as ‘yeh corn hain’ (this is corn), ‘chota samosa – big mazaa’ (small samosa10 – big entertainment), ‘yeh Kashmiri mix khoob jamega’ (this namkeen item will gel well) and ‘oozing with taste’ (for Rasgoolas) promoted individual products.
For those customers who wanted to know more about Pahalwan’s products, special brochures should be designed which described the products and give information about the ingredients used to make it. Mailers should also be sent to loyal customers and important corporate clients as a token of appreciation for their patronage. Packaging was an important aspect of Pahalwan’s product promotion.

Case 5: Recommend relevant marketing strategies and discuss how Pahalwan’s can increase market access and market size.
A marketing strategy is most effective when it is an integral component of corporate strategy, defining how the organization will successfully engage customers, prospects, and competitors in the market arena. Strategic management, corporate strategies, corporate missions, and corporate goals. As the customer constitutes the source of a company’s revenue, marketing strategy is closely linked with sales. A key component of marketing strategy is often to keep marketing in line with a company’s overarching mission statement
• Engage a famous sport person (Pahalwan) as brand ambassador
• Having a strong brand image directly impacts the consumer buying behavior
• Reach improvement through network dedicated self-branded logistics trucks/vehicle to cover every corner of the state.
• Hub – Spoke model to improve delivery and reach.
• New format retail outlets, mobile/online based to reach the target segment of customers
• Transferrable coupon code offers to promote repeat purchase.
• Calendars, diary, pens and college bags to be provided.
• Highlight the trust for over 80 years and quality standard maintained over the years
• Open discounted counters at colleges and movie halls
• Free gifts for new born girl babies in all hospitals across the state for one month.
Loyalty programs
• To increase customer base and generate repeat purchase
• Birthday and anniversary special offer with complimentary gifts and additional discounts.
• Customer of the month identified and will have dinner with celebrity.
Product range
• Increase the product range to match new eating habits of young generation
• Fusion of Indian and western sweets- like topping of chocolates, Strawberry, fruits& Nuts and Jelly on regular barfi.
• New Non vegetarian outlet to attract customers and have an edge over competitors like Haldiram and Nathus.

Pahalwan need to plan for an innovative and cost-effective communication and marketing strategy to enhance its sales. Pahalwan’s also needed to think about new products and new markets to stay in business and get an edge over its competitors.

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Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Who moved my cheeseSPOILER ALERT! I am going to save anyone who thinks they need to read this book time & money by summarizing the entire book in the next two sentences: Things change. Learn to adapt.

I was recommended this book during my session of Functional excellence with a reputed B School of India.

This is a book about how two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two miniature humans named Hem and Haw (that’s right) are trapped in a maze that serves as a metaphor for the inherent restrictions and vicissitudes of our lives. One day some invisible force beyond their control takes the cheese from a sector of the maze, sending our mice and little people looking for more, if, indeed there is anymore to be had. Sniff and Scurry, we are told, have the right attitude because “they keep life simple…they don’t overanalyze or overcomplicate things,” and rather than question why the cheese was taken from them they accept change and just get out there and bust their balls humping it through that maze like good little unquestioning furry mini-zombies looking for more. Hem and Haw, like too many humans, we are told, over-think things and fixate on their past comforts and expectations and spend too much time stewing over the unfairness of their loss of food rather than fearlessly getting out there and looking through the maze for more.

We might be the most evolved species on the planet but from time to time we do over-process. Adapting and forecasting change lurking around the corner is mark of sheer greatness.

The best quote perhaps was curbing the wrong interpretations that might be drawn out : that you should try behaving in a new way in the same relationship. Do not change the person but innovate your habits. If you love your partner, let them know about it in a million different ways that change everyday.

Novelty is what keeps things moving.

The story is perfectly written and takes up one hour of your life but may just give you a knowledge of a lifetime.

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The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

namesakeThe Namesake is the story of Ganguli family from their tradition-bound life in Calcutta through their fraught transformation into Americans. This book tells a story which must be familiar to anyone who has migrated to another country – the fact that having made the transition to a new culture you are left missing the old and never quite achieving full admittance into the new. In fact a feeling of never quite belonging to either.

In a nutshell, this is a story about the immigrant experience.

Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli, recently wed in an arranged marriage, have immigrated to Boston from Calcutta so that Ashoke can pursue a PhD in engineering. Ashoke adapts far less warily than his wife, who resists all things American and pines for her family. Ashima is immediately homesick for India so she founds a network of Bengalis, preserving traditions and creating a pseudo-family in her new country. With her husband learning and teaching, these friends are a reminder of home for her, and, as a result, she never fully assimilates into American society.

Within the first year of the Gangulis arrival, Ashmina becomes pregnant with the couple’s first child. Adhering to Bengali tradition, Ashima’s grandmother is supposed to name the baby, but her letter never arrives. Ashoke contemplates and comes up with the only name he can think of: Gogol, after the Russian writer, whose volume of short stories saved his life during a fatal train derailment in India. Both Ashoke and Ashima desire that Gogol have a Bengali life in America despite being one of few Indian families in their area.

Gogol and his younger sister Sonali grow up fully adapted as Americans. They hardly speak Bengali and only once in a while crave Indian food. Both choose career paths that are not traditionally Indian so that they have little contact with the Bengali culture that their parents fought so hard to preserve. Lahiri even creates a character based on her own immigrant experiences who desires an identity different than Bengali or American and seeks a doctorate in French literature. Based in Brooklyn and Paris, this woman resembles Lahiri as she learned to speak Italian and lived in Rome for many years. Lahiri and her character sought to remake themselves to distance themselves from the Bengali culture that their parents forced upon them as children.

Jhumpa Lahiri’s excellent mastery and command of language are amazing. She writes so effortlessly and enchantingly, in such a captivating manner and yet so matter-of-factly that her writing completely enthralls me

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Ranga Half pants by Suman Kumar

How horribly wrong can a boy’s dream of owning a pair of full pants go?
Set in 1986, in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, Ranga Half-Pants is a breathtaking, coming-of-age tale of love, courage and friendship.
The name of the book fascinated me enough to give it a try and I am glad to have taken a chance with this book.
The story spins mostly around Ranga, a 9th standard boy who dreams of having full pants. Sounds simple, right? But Ranga has to struggle a lot to convince his father for one pair of full pants. There is a Parallel Story of Prasad, a local boy who stood against political rowdies. All Prasad wants is to marry Tabassum and settle in life. That’s not simple either. As Story progresses the path of Ranga and Prasad collides and story takes oodles of eccentric turns.
Perfectly Fresh, fast paced and smooth flowing, No pretentious prose, Ranga Half pants is an honest and simple story that will pull you in with its 80s nostalgia and the innocent thoughts of the protagonist. He’s a silly self-seeking boy who doesn’t really mean any harm but somehow manages to screw up all the time. His journey through adolescence depicting pain, love, humiliation and courage is so engrossing that one cannot leave book in between.
Overall I enjoyed the read.I loved reading every word, line, page and paragraph of this book. It was so well written that I could literally visualize everything happening. It felt like I was watching a Blockbuster Telugu or Tamil movie. I love this book so much!
If you are looking for a a light entertaining read you will enjoy Ranga Half pants.

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Baahubali, the conclusion: Answer to Why Katappa killed Baahbali ?

Baahubali: The Conclusion is an Indian reply to greatest western epics “The Lord of the Rings” and ‘300’ put together. This is an outstanding Movie work, which not only deserves its place in Indian film history with its rare distinction but also proves filmmakers should dream big and more often.
Amarendra Baahubali and Bhalla Deva are cousins raised up by the same mother, Sivagami who is also the reigning Queen of Mahishmati. Baahubali is orphaned in his childhood and despite the fact that Bhalla is her own son, the Queen wants to crown Amarendra the King of Mahishmati because she feels that he has the true makings of a leader and patron. Bhalla is irked. His father and he conspire to overthrow Baahubali and they use Kattappa and the Sivagami as pawns in their game.
In Part 2-The Conclusion, Baahubali has been sketched out as such a symbol of strength and power that he makes you root for him throughout. Prabhas is tremendous as father and son. What’s more, this part provides an answer to a question uppermost in everyone’s mind for the last two years—it tells you why Katappa, the old faithful, killed Baahubali Senior.
When Mr. Rajamouli’s multilingual “Baahubali: The Beginning” came out in 2015, it generated an excitement that outdone regular applause with Great cinematography, concept and story in it. By outdoing his own Success, Rajamouli has come up with Baahubali: The Conclusion which is more prequel than sequel. Part-2 movie continues its tradition of magniloquence and enormousness. However this time, more drama, more than spectacle, is what lends its fascinating tale of vengeance and splendor all its thump and magic.
Excellent directorial work and the budget reflect in a heavy content of the film with a visual extravaganza that India must feast on. Baahubali is an emotional ride with the perk of romance between Devasena and Amarendra. I thoroughly enjoyed the paid preview with the CGI & VFX continue to grab me on my seat.

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Rishi Kapoor _ Khullam Khulla (Uncensored)

Khullam KhullaThis is my first Novel related to Bollywood and I am not disappointed. I have always been a Rishi Kapoor fan. I absolutely adored him in films like Karz and Kabhi Kabhi. So this book was a must read for me. The book didn’t let me down because was a very straightforward telling of his life from his perspective, and also gives a sneak preview of the Hindi film industry from the 1970s to now. Mr. Kapoor appeared very cool and frank with his book and didn’t mince his words. Through this book Mr. Rishi Kapoor has unfolded various story of Indian Film Industry. Here are some open and bindass facts by Rishi Kapoor, taken from his memoir:
• Mr. Kapoor honestly disclosed that Raj Kapoor was involved with other women even though he was married to Krishna Raj Kapoor.
• Mr. Kapoor also admitted that he bought film fare award of Best actor for Bobby. He confessed to pay Rs. thirty two thousand for this award.
• He had rough relationship with Rajesh Khanna over Dimple Kapadia. Dimple was his first Heroine and he used to feel possessive about her.
• Rishi Kapoor in his memoir admitted that his first steady and serious girlfriend was a Parsi girl, Yasmin Mehta, whom he dated much before Neetu and his first film Bobby.
• In his biography Rishi Kapoor says that during his time, roles were precisely written keeping Amitabh Bachchan in mind and he was credited for the success of all his films, despite the fact that the secondary characters were also outstanding actors in their own area.
• Every actor has to go through his share of ups and downs in his career, so did Mr. Kapoor. In his book, the 70’s actor says that with his first film Bobby being a super hit, his hopes from his other films were quite high but they all flopped at the box-office. By this time he was married to Neetu, not only had he began suffering from depression for his failures but ended up blaming Neetu for them, thus damaging their relationship.

The book was very easy, entertaining, breezy and page turner with good anecdotes of Rishi Kapoor’ s honest revelations. The book is almost a reflection of the person that Mr.Kapoor is—passionate, talented, candid, brash, possesive and very lovable. The foreword by Ranbir and the Afterword by Neetu has earned brownie points for the book.

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Jaya: Retelling of Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik


I don’t always judge a book by its cover but in this case, the cover just tempted me in. I came across this book, read the back cover and was hooked. It goes thus,

A son renounces sex so that his old father can remarry

A daughter is a prize in an archery contest

A teacher demands half a kingdom as his tuition fee

A student is turned away because of his caste

A mother asks her sons to share a wife

A father curses his son-in-law to be old and impotent

A husband lets another man make his wife pregnant

A wife blindfolds herself to share her husband’s blindness

A forest is destroyed for a new city

A family is divided over inheritance

A king gambles away his kingdom

A queen is forced to serve as a maid

A man is stripped of his manhood for a year

A woman is publicly disrobed

A war is fought where all rules are broken

A shift in sexuality secures victory

The vanquished go to paradise

The victors lose their children

The earth is bathed in blood

God is cursed

Until wisdom prevails

As the title suggests it is ‘retelling’ of the Mahabharata, it’s neither a paraphrase nor an original version.  This is a great book for someone who wants to get an understanding of Mahabharata as a whole and is not yet ready to read the entire Mahabharata. Salute to Author Devdutt Pattanaik for accomplishing the task of rewriting the Mahabharat in such a lucid easy way, fit to be enjoyed by everyone who doesn’t want to weigh themselves down with dreary details, but wants to taste the wisdom of the world’s longest epic

Author has also done a fantastic job of containing this epic in 300 odd pages and making sense of almost everything in the story. Initially, it might get overwhelming to keep track of all the numerous characters. But as you go further into the book, it’s a pleasant read. Devdutt uses extremely simple language. The 108 chapters feel like 108 short stories. His interpretation and explanations at the end of every chapter make it even better

Most of us feel that we already know what happened in Mahabharata then why should we read it? And this is where this book makes a huge difference, we all have heard those stories but did we really make something out of those stories? This book is a link between what we have heard or perceived and what it actually was. Mr. Pattnaik has done a massive amount of investigation on this topic and he has written some really good comments at the end of each chapter. Actually, these are the things which will enlighten you at times; these observations and opinions by Mr. Pattnaik contain the gist of the epic and will clear many misconceptions.

Nowhere in the book has author allowed emotions to take hold of the story. Though we have been told that Pandavas were the heroes and Kauravas were villains, this book does not portray anyone as a hero but everybody is a villain in one or the other sense.

I highly recommend this book!

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