Pahalwan’s: Need for a New Marketing Strategy

Pahalwan is a premiere name in the manufacturing, trading and retailing of Indian sweets and namkeen Industry. Pahalwan’s is the pride of Jammu and Kashmir.
Under the pressure of new competitors in the markets and moving likings of the fresher generations, Pahalwans, one of the leading sweet sellers in Jammu, needs to maintain their Position and market share in the sweet and namkeen industry. With stagnant sales, Pahalwans faces an unclear corporate strategy to guide the company to the meet the new challenges and to deal with rising competition.
Established in 1934 in Jammu, Pahalwans was one of the first to enter the sweet and namkeen field. Founded by Mr. Anantram Abrol, with consistent high quality, Pahalwans earned good consumer reputation and was awarded in 1952 by the Prime Minister of the state Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah by the Indian government. Having distinct management roles while making decisions together, the humble character and entrepreneurship of the leaders would be beneficial to make Pahalwans into a modernized establishment given the rapid development of the market. With huge Accentuate on innovations of Products and supreme quality offerings as well as various distribution channels, Pahalwans have a competitive edge of captivating the customers’ heart. However Pahalwans has the tradition of not believing or relying too much on marketing and advertising. Though, for customers, word of mouth is trustworthy and a direct incentive to try Pahalwans products, the audience is still limited compared with advertising. Also, local, national and international food retailers had entered the market, increasing the competition. Thus they may lose some potential buyers to their competitors who are very aggressive with Marketing which attracts consumer.

1. Introduction of New Products:
Pahalwan’s could have included the food item which were popular among Youth and Kids to capture the Family Customers like pizza, sandwich, salad, pasta etc. They could have add sugar free Sweets to retain the older generation & Health conscious customers. Also they could have included Fresh juice, hot chocolate and Milk shakes. An addition of Non Veg product gave them additional benefit compare to other competition like Haldiram or Nathus
(a) A complete Family Restaurant catering all generations
(b) Youth and Kids will be attracted
(c) Increase sales, profit & market Share
(d) Keep up with the Competition
(a) Reduce sales of old/ Core products
(b) Poor Marketing
2. New Seating area with more capacity
Company could focus on seating area improvement to attract urban customers. By seeing some images of Outlet on Internet it was visible that there are issues of Hygiene, Parking Space & dining area. Pahalwan’s could have expanded their shop by converting some area in proper dining place and separating it from crowd of take away consumers.
(a) Improved ambience & aesthetics
(b) Enhanced Customer experience with Pahalwan’s
(a) Budget Investment

3. Attractive offer with discounts :
Pahalwans’s were already offering various discounts during Diwali Season but they could have utilized this discount during other seasons like Independence day or Republic day also to attract more customers and to have an edge over competition in market. They can initiate special discount on birthdays or anniversary.
(a) Encourage the buyer to purchase more
(b) Attract non-regular customers
(c) Increase in customer traffic will increase the sales
(d) If only certain items are on sale, this will also encourage buyers to purchase other items which are not on sale
(e) Discounting items in a shop will also leave more space for other items, such as, new stock.
(a) Although there will be sales, the profit margin in the store will decline as the goods are sold at reduced prices
(b) Individual discounts to customers may encourage them to ask for discounts all the time, even if the company mentions the earlier discount is a one off discount
(c) If the marketer does not give the customer the discount he/she may be discouraged and look at other outlets to conduct business.
(d) In addition, a shop that offers discounts always provides the reputation that the business is not doing so well. Many customers may be put off by this reputation and stop visiting the store.
4. New Geographic market
Pahalwan’s could have done open their outlets in other states like Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana etc. This will increase their footprint in market and made them a national product.
(a) It is a way to broaden your horizons.
(b) The visibility of the business brand will increase.
(c) Sales will typically increase when more customers are exposed to a business
(d) There is actually less overall competition
(e) The business becomes less vulnerable to changing trends
(a) Language can become a barrier.
(b) There is no possible way to ignore local competition.
(c) You can’t do business somewhere when you don’t know the market
(d) Products to be redefines to suit local demographic

5. Diversification
Pahalwan’s could have diversification in their current Business practice. They could give franchise in other cities or do backward integration by acquiring dairy farms or commence catering system in family or corporate functions.

(a) An edge over competitors like Haldiram or Nathus
(b) Bigger name the market
(a) Too much diversification can lead to confusion in management

6. Extensive use of advertisement & Social Media
To penetrate Market aggressively and to have an edge over competition Pahalwan’s could have used non-conventional marketing tools like social media etc. Also Since online orders are growing Pahalwan’s could launch a Mobile app for online order and Payment system.
(a) A lot cheaper than other marketing tactics
(b) Reach to bigger & larger audience
(c) Builds authentic relationship
(d) Induces Brand Loyalty
(e) Higher conversion rate
(f) Provides marketplace insight
(a) Time Intensive
(b) Social media accounts are Prone to security breaches
(c) Brand Image can be damaged Irrevocably
(d) ROI is hard to measure

There are different types of brand elements such as brand name, logos & symbols, Slogans & Jingles, Character, and Packaging & Signage out of which, M/S Pahalwan’s used only three (Brand names, Logo, Slogans), We have evaluated these three brand elements against criteria of Brand building and defensive.
Criterion Brand Elements

Brand names Logos & Symbol Slogans & Jingles
Brand Building Memorability Brand name “Pahalwan ” is enhancing brand and as well as recognition The logo doesn’t relates to sweets This slogan makes the customers to feel difference on their products
Meaningfulness Pahalwan means Wrestler
So it is inappropriate to sell Sweets
But it can take other way to improve strength by eating sweets from our shop By designing appropriate Logo, the meaningfulness can be increased Can convey almost any type of association explicitly
Likability Style of writing ” Pahalwan” denotes a kind of sweet The current logo doesn’t give any impact Can evoke much verbal imagery
Defensive Transferability Can be somewhat limited Not good impact Have a good impact
Adaptability Difficult Can typically be redesigned makes the customer to adapt on the products
Protect ability Generally good, but with limits Excellent Having impact on

To position the Pahalwan’s brand in the youth generation, the following essentials elements are considered.
1. Target Customer : Young generation (10 – 35 years) in the state.
2. Market Definition : Healthier & tasty sweets & snacks
3. Brand Promise : Trust for taste
Tag Line: ‘Pahalwan khaya , Khushiya Laya’ (Translation:- Eat Pahalwan, bring happiness)
Customer will get attract with catchy tag line and recognize the brand with this
If an advertisement for a product attracts the consumer, they tend to purchase it frequently, or at least buy it once. If a company has to survive in this competitive world, they have to project the image of their products in such a way that they pick up the maximum sales, when they hit stores.
The best way to persuade the consumer to stick to the product of the particular brand, when numerous choices are provided to them in the market – is through attractive advertisements.
Pahalwan’s had developed terrific products and put together a supremely talented management team, but ultimately success hinges on persuading significant numbers of customers to select that Pahalwan’s products or services rather than buying from someone else. Growing a business comes down to the ability to sell. Innovative strategies, a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and aggressive communication of the company’s message combine to bring about sales success.
Social media can be main focus of their adverting strategy. The perks of using social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat as marketing vehicle is the ability to share the content instantaneously to a large audience.
Television is the great way to engrain the brand’s ideas and concepts into minds of consumers through repetition. Streaming services such are growing increasingly and quite popular among Indians. Furthermore, broadcast television will give Pahalwan’s a chance to reach its secondary audiences- those in other generations.
Services like FM, Radio, Pandora and other are very popular among Indians. These services offer free music streaming by requiring users to listen to short advertisements between tracks.
Indians are surprisingly up-to-date with world news. Sites such as BBC, NDTV, Times Now, and Yahoo! News are popular among locals.
Pahalwan can focus on other mediums such as vino and YouTube for more informal advertisements. These services are extremely popular due to their entertainment value and viral feature. Those services are very cheap and simple to produce for and of us Pahalwan’s publicity and engagement at modest value. By creating original content and dubbing classic content of Pahalwan’s has been potential to use humor and trigger previous mental maps in the minds of consumers.
Vine is a video app that loops seven second clips over and over again until you scroll the next clip. The primary content is humor related and when a wine goes viral, many people seen next to them and share with friends.
You tube are very popular video website that billions of people use to research for various kinds of videos daily. Using this medium will help Pahalwan’s reaches its target demography.

The radio campaign will play during intermissions on online radio services such as Pandora and Spotify and other the similar application. The radio has focus on ordering from the Pahalwan’s app. The first part of the this spot will include voice card to order delivery from Pahalwan’s, where the employees get consistently wrong and the customer hangs up. Then, mobile app is promoted under the promise of being simple to use and the error free.
A video campaign should be developed that incorporates Pahalwan’s into movie clips that are popular among Indians. These video spots will be used as both commercials and video media ads promote the Pahalwan’s app.
This clip installs a sense of nostalgia and brings forth elements of humor to appeal in the Consumers. Incorporating the slogan in to the famous scenes is a fun and engaging approach to tell about the tag line.
For aggressive Promotional activities Pahalwan’s can have representatives and promoter’s visiting college campus events to pass out miniature boxes. Each box will have small squares of sweets from the Pahalwan’s. Furthermore, each box can contain an event specific code which the customer can enter in the mobile app which will give them a discount on their next on line order. The 3 D piece is also a fun and memorable piece of direct marketing for talk about and so to friends. This type of marketing will give customers hands on experience with the product and also provide incentive to start meeting online orders.
Currently snap chat is one of the popular social media platforms among people but has been known to be somewhat of advertising enigma until now.
The campaign will give consumers a change to engage with our brand to snap chat by recording ten second answers to the question.” What would you do with your dough? Terminals will be set up throughout through the nation with high millions of population. A Snap chat is then added to story that can be viewed to any person with snap Chat.

Different varieties of posters are needs to be designed to appeal to the masses. The punch line for Pahalwan’s products should be, ‘always in good taste.’ Advertisements should be depicting the entire range of Pahalwan’s sweets and namkeen and that should be published in the print media (magazines and newspapers). These advertisements had captions such as ‘millions of tongues can’t go wrong,’ ‘What are you waiting for, Diwali?’ and ‘Keeping your taste buds on their toes.’
To increase the visibility of the Pahalwan’s brand, the company should be placed its hoardings in high traffic areas such as train stations and bus stations. Posters should be designed for display on public transport vehicles such as buses, and hoardings, focused on individual products were developed. Captions such as ‘yeh corn hain’ (this is corn), ‘chota samosa – big mazaa’ (small samosa10 – big entertainment), ‘yeh Kashmiri mix khoob jamega’ (this namkeen item will gel well) and ‘oozing with taste’ (for Rasgoolas) promoted individual products.
For those customers who wanted to know more about Pahalwan’s products, special brochures should be designed which described the products and give information about the ingredients used to make it. Mailers should also be sent to loyal customers and important corporate clients as a token of appreciation for their patronage. Packaging was an important aspect of Pahalwan’s product promotion.

Case 5: Recommend relevant marketing strategies and discuss how Pahalwan’s can increase market access and market size.
A marketing strategy is most effective when it is an integral component of corporate strategy, defining how the organization will successfully engage customers, prospects, and competitors in the market arena. Strategic management, corporate strategies, corporate missions, and corporate goals. As the customer constitutes the source of a company’s revenue, marketing strategy is closely linked with sales. A key component of marketing strategy is often to keep marketing in line with a company’s overarching mission statement
• Engage a famous sport person (Pahalwan) as brand ambassador
• Having a strong brand image directly impacts the consumer buying behavior
• Reach improvement through network dedicated self-branded logistics trucks/vehicle to cover every corner of the state.
• Hub – Spoke model to improve delivery and reach.
• New format retail outlets, mobile/online based to reach the target segment of customers
• Transferrable coupon code offers to promote repeat purchase.
• Calendars, diary, pens and college bags to be provided.
• Highlight the trust for over 80 years and quality standard maintained over the years
• Open discounted counters at colleges and movie halls
• Free gifts for new born girl babies in all hospitals across the state for one month.
Loyalty programs
• To increase customer base and generate repeat purchase
• Birthday and anniversary special offer with complimentary gifts and additional discounts.
• Customer of the month identified and will have dinner with celebrity.
Product range
• Increase the product range to match new eating habits of young generation
• Fusion of Indian and western sweets- like topping of chocolates, Strawberry, fruits& Nuts and Jelly on regular barfi.
• New Non vegetarian outlet to attract customers and have an edge over competitors like Haldiram and Nathus.

Pahalwan need to plan for an innovative and cost-effective communication and marketing strategy to enhance its sales. Pahalwan’s also needed to think about new products and new markets to stay in business and get an edge over its competitors.

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